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    Thread: Proper sideview mirror placement?

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      08-15-2002 08:07 PM #1
      I was trying to explain to my girlfriend the other day how she should place her mirrors, then I realized that I was just saying stuff that seemed to make sense but had no factual basis. Anyways, is there any proper technique to align your mirrors so that you have the largest possible view of whats behind you. What are your ways or doing it, what did you dad tell you, your driving instructor?
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    2. 08-15-2002 08:17 PM #2
      I think the correct way to do it is this:
      Move your head most of the way to the left, facing forward, look at your driver side mirror and adjust it so you can see straight down the side of the car, and the road behind you.
      Move your head most of the way to the right, facing forward, and now look in your passanger mirror, adjust it so you are looking down the side of the car, and the road behind you.
      The idea is that you use your side mirrors to minimze your blind spot. When in your normal driving position, you don't see the road behind you as much, that is for the rear view mirror on the windsheild. The side view mirrors should look out back in your usual blind spot, but should still aid in parallel parking when you move your head to the right or the left, to see straight back out of either side view mirror.

    3. 08-15-2002 08:22 PM #3
      Most people don't angle them out far enough, and thus, they suffer from blind spots that are larger than necessary while the field of view of the inside rear view mirror overlaps that of the outside mirrors unnecessarily.
      To do it properly:
      Begin with your seat adjusted properly.
      Lean your head all the way to the left, against the side window glass, then adjust the left outside mirror so that the side of your car is just barely in view at the inner edge of the left outside mirror. Most (90% - 95%) of the mirror should still be showing you the world outside at this point ... not the side of your car.
      Then lean the same amount towards the center of the car, your head should be almost over the console, and adjust the right outside mirror so that the side of the car is just barely in view at the inner edge of the right outside mirror.
      Now, when you look back, there will be minimal overlap between the inside mirror and the outside mirrors. When someone is in the adjacent lane, they will come into view beside you before they disappear from view in the mirror.
      People who are not accustomed to having the mirrors like this might find it a bit odd, but after a while, the almost absence of blind spots will be great.
      It still doesn't eliminate the need for shoulder checks, because motorcycles might still be able to fit in what little blind spot remains, and on multilane roads, you still need to check for vehicles two lanes over that are going for the same spot that you're looking for. But it's a lot better than the way most people have their mirrors.

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      08-15-2002 08:23 PM #4
      Or find an empty parking lot with a row behind you. Pick an object at each edge of the rearview. Pull the side mirrors in just enough so that you see the object at the inner edges while seated.

      [Modified by Bimmer, 8:31 PM 8-15-2002]

    5. 08-15-2002 08:24 PM #5
      heh heh, Fusion and I typed the same thing at the same time in different words!

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