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    Thread: Overboost and MAF codes

    1. 12-01-2009 01:07 AM #1
      Completely stock 05 GTI 1.8t (As far as I know). I've been having problems with the car going into soft limp mode ever since I bought it. Everytime I drive it for over 15 minutes it ends up in soft limp mode. I had it scanned today and I got back overboost and MAF codes. I just cleaned the MAF last week, so I'm hoping it is not completely bad.
      Could this be caused by a bad (stock) N75? Could the MAF cause both of these codes? I'm having a hard time seeing how the MAF would be related to overboost.
      Any help is appreciated.

    2. Member vdubstookmywallet's Avatar
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      12-04-2009 03:02 PM #2
      Diverter Valve? I've had similar problems....and was told this was probably it. The location of the valve throws off the readings of the MAF and retards the motor
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      I just recently got a Mk4 GTI VR6 with high mileage and I'm loving it! So far so good... some minor CEL issues but already fixed

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