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    Thread: proper way to drive a turbo car

    1. 07-28-2004 03:16 PM #1
      OK, i have heard there is a right and wrong way to drive a turbo car. As a new owner of a turbo vehicle i dont understand this. The only thing i notice myself doing differently is reving the engine higher to stay on boost. I dont even really have to do that though. My VR6 pulled from 1.5k rpms on, while the WRX needs about another 1k to really get going. So i shift a little late and i dont usually let the revs dip below about 2.5k, and it seems im good to go. Is there any other things to take into consideration when "driving a turbo"?

    2. Geriatric Member Obin Robinson's Avatar
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      07-28-2004 03:23 PM #2
      just remember to stay in the boost if you want to lower your lap times. that's the easy way to put it
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    3. Senior Member Hostile's Avatar
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      07-28-2004 03:24 PM #3
      I thought WRXs were closer to 3k when the turbo kicks in? That's what it felt like in the auto WRX wagon I rode in this weekend.
      BTW - Fun car. [IMG]http://**********************/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

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    4. Senior Member
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      07-28-2004 03:25 PM #4
      All you need to learn is how to "shift."
      You're gonna need a lot of down-shifting as comparing to NA cars.
      When I know I'm not in the powerband, just drop a gear and shift up when the turbo served up the torque I need.
      If this is too much work, I suggest you get a cheapo boost controller, the dark art of making cheap power.

    5. 07-28-2004 03:26 PM #5
      Other than giving it time to warm up before you go boosting and redlining the engine, and giving it time to cool down after a hard drive, not much that I can think of. Is the manual WRX very laggy? I was pretty dissapointed in the auto one I drove. The combination of shift and turbo lag made it very difficult to drive in real world conditions.

    6. 07-28-2004 03:44 PM #6
      Quote, originally posted by AndrewTosh »
      combination of shift and turbo lag made it very difficult to drive in real world conditions.

      The auto WRX just kind of sucks that way. The 5-speed is pretty usable though.
      With any car, you learn over time how to keep it near the torque peak and generally in a turbo car, that's right after the turbo has spooled. So rather than either lugging the engine or revving the crap out of it (whichever you're used to!) you're keeping it more or less toward the middle of the rev range.

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